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  • Galltec BKK30EF1X3A130DH , Sensor for Humidity & Temperature with firmly connected sensor for industrial applications from -80…200°C and upto 25 bar
    Model: BKK30EF1X3A130DH
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    Duct mounted / with Display , Temp. Range: 0 to 150 Deg C / Humidity Range: 0 to 100 % , Power Supply: 10…30VDC , Output 1: Mixing Ratio….0 to 100 g/kg....4 - 20 mA , Output 2: Humidity…0 to 100%....4 - 20 mA
  • Zone 1 Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Windows10 Tablet Aegex Technologies
    Model: Zone1 Intrinsically Safe Tablet Aegex10
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    Aegex 10 intrinsically certified for Zone1 / Div1, Microsoft windows 10 operating system. Technology that is easy to install, simple to configure, possible to integrate on any existing DCS | PLC | SCADA | HMI platform, is mobile & portable to handle, low cost of ownership.


    Sierra Instrumentation & Controls only authorized  distributor of Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet in India  approved  by Aegex Technologies


    Certification for Zone 1 applications:-


      IECEX Certificate Atex Certificate :  UL certificate.

    Aegex10 Windows10 Tablet applications:


      Digitization in Hazardous Area : provide all solutions to be digitized for use in Zone1/Div1 hazardous area Provide IOT | Industry 4.0 | SMART manufacturing and analytics in Zone1/Div1 hazardous area Asset Management Software: web based asset management software for operation from Zone1 hazardous area. Camera: onboard Zone1 certified Camera for Photos & Video streaming. Telephone: onboard 4G for VOIP & internet communication. Windows10: allows secured connection to industry wide Automation Control Systems. SCADA Interface: easy Integration with SCADA to provide Intrinsically Safe Tablet for operation in Zone-1 Hazardous area. HMI Interface: easy Integration with HMI [on web browser] to provide Intrinsically Safe Tablet for operation in Zone-1 Hazardous area.


    Aegex10TM  Zone1 Safe Tablet by - Aegex Technologies is build with a purpose that it can be used in the extreme hazardous zones of explosive environments. It is Incapable of igniting a spark making it safe to be used in industries like oil & Gas or chemical & pharmaceutical where more volatile chemical raw material is are used in plant processing and production, using traditional walkie talkie or Mobile could be dangerous and unsafe.


    Globally certified with highest standards of safety on explosive environments, ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 and UL Class I, II, III Division 1,


    Zone 1 Touch Screen Safe Tablet Aegex10 is more preferred by industry sectors where explosive environments are frequent: Oil & Gas, Chemical, Aerospace, Utilities, Pharmaceutical, Public Safety, Mining.

    Zone 1 Touch Screen Safe Tablet Aegex10 is intrinsically safe solutions to zones of most hazardous location operations. Zone 1 certified tablet to use Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, a major plus for customers who use familiar apps such as Microsoft Office and Outlook & Capacitive touch screen.


    Purpose-Built Intrinsically Safe and Enterprise-Class Tablets:
    Aegex devices are certifed ATEX/IECEx Zone 1; certifed by SGS to UL 913 Class I, II, III Division 1 Groups A-G; and IP65 for hazardous (classifed) locations.
    Solutions for All Hazardous Zones and Jobs:
    Aegex devices run the operating system and applications that allows for secure enterprise deployments.
    Enterprise Collaboration
    Aegex devices use 4G LTE or Wi-Fi for real-time communications.
    Zone 1 Barcode software 
    Our industry-leading barcode scanning software, enables you to capture and communicate accurate and timely field data without purchasing an additional handheld device. Using the aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablet’s built-in camera, Zone 1 is a user-friendly Windows utility that can identify multiple different barcode standards.
    Unlike other camera-driven systems, the  Zone 1 Barcode reader Software purpose-built application uses robust algorithms to easily find, auto-discriminate and decode barcodes up to two meters away in varying light conditions, regardless of barcode condition or image quality.
    The Zone 1 Barcode reader Software automatically captures, scans and embeds the data in user-defined applications, ranging from Microsoft Excel to custom ERP systems.
    This is very fast to capture and communicate with Field data. 
    Use Cases
    adding the correct ingredients in chemical mixing
    accounting for the correct number/type of petrochemicals in storage facility
    selecting the correct devices/technologies for use during a HazMat emergency
    ensuring the correct parts are repaired/replaced in a hazardous area facility
    auditing fire safety and extinguishers
    recording inventory of materials in any hazardous operation


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